Remarks by Consul-General HE Lanjing on the Occasion of the 71st Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China

30 September, 2020

Dear fellow Chinese, Chinese enterprises, Chinese students, as well as all dear friends in South Australia,

This October 1 marks the 71st birthday of the People’s Republic of China, and coincidentally the Mid-Autumn Festival this year also falls on the same day. On behalf of the Chinese Consulate-General in Adelaide, I would like to extend my sincere festive greetings and best wishes to you all.

Since the founding of New China 71 years ago, the Chinese people, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, have united as one, forged ahead with pioneering endeavours, and created magnificent miracles of development that shall be recorded in human history. China has transformed from a poor and backward country into the world’s second largest economy, generating more than 30% of the global economic growth. China has helped over 850 million people escape poverty, contributing to more than 70% of worldwide poverty reduction. We will lift out of poverty all rural residents living below the current poverty line by the end of this year. The victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is already in sight.

My dear fellow Chinese, all dear friends,

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. As we entered into 2020, the COVID-19  has been raging around the globe, putting people’s life and health in serious jeopardy.What we are facing is a major public health emergency recognised as having spread fastest, caused the most extensive infection and proved the hardest to contain since the founding of New China. The Communist Party of China has led the people of all ethnic groups in this heroic battle. After making painstaking efforts, we have achieved major strategic outcomes, on which basis life and work are returning to normal at a steady pace. And all these notable results can definitely withstand the test of people and history.

We put people first as a most beautiful ode to life. In the face of pandemic, people’s life and health is always cherished above all.We raced against time to fight the virus. We mobilised the whole country for this unprecedented life-saving mission and mounted a strong defence against pandemic. 42,600 medical workers, like soldiers in white, braved risks and rushed to Hubei to help combat the virus. 19 provinces were paired up with a prefecture in Hubei to provide support. Scientists pulled their wisdom to accelerate the effective medicine research and vaccine development. People across all sectors of life shouldered their responsibilities and stepped up to the plate during this crisis. From a newborn baby of only 30 hours old to a woman with seven months pregnancy, from centenarians to critically ill patients with underlying diseases, from international students to foreign expatriates and visitors in China, everyone’s life has been protected and respected with all-out efforts. In this fierce battle against COVID-19, the supremacy of life is not only our pursuit of value, but the action of our whole nation. All these life miracles is the most vivid illustration of the principle that the Party exercises governance for the people, and the best demonstration of the humanistic spirit that the Chinese people pays deep reverence to life.

We look out for each other as a right way to get through the vicissitudes. The COVID-19 has reminded us in a direct and exceedingly painful manner, that all human beings are bound to share weal and woe. No country can be immune from a pandemic. Since the outbreak, China has adhered to the supremacy of life and been actively working together with other countries around the world to contribute its wisdom and strength to the global fight against the pandemic. We have enacted extraordinary measures to curb the spread of virus by controlling the population movement of a mega-city with tens of millions of people. We have provided information to other countries in a most timely fashion. We have released the genome sequence at the earliest possible time. We have shared control and treatment experience with the world without reservation. We have offered assistance to the international community in fighting the COVID-19 to the best of its ability, despite the tremendous pressure in domestic epidemic control. At the same time, the Chinese people will never forget the precious support of medical materials we have received from the international organisations and other countries including Australia. The battle against COVID-19 has once again proven that building a community with a shared future for mankind is the right way for the human race to overcome common challenges, to protect the health and wellbeing of people in all countries, and to create a more prosperous and beautiful world. It requires us to abandon division and prejudice, and to insist on solidarity and cooperation. During the COVID-19 crisis, China advocates building a global community of health for all, and have put forward a series of proposals on international aid and vaccine use, demonstrating with concrete actions its genuine desire to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

We practice people-oriented diplomacy as the primary approach to better fulfill our due responsibilities. The health and safety of the overseas Chinese and Chinese students have always been the concern of our Party and government. As one of China’s diplomatic missions abroad, the Chinese Consulate-General in Adelaide has always upheld the concept of “diplomacy for the people” to provide better consular protection and services in the context of pandemic. We have paid close attention to the evolving situation of COVID-19 in Australia and South Australia in particular. We have maintained close contact with relevant State departments and universities to do everything in our power to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, the health and safety of local Chinese and Chinese students. We have timely issued consular reminders of latest updates about COVID-19 and relevant restrictions. We run a 24/7 consular hotline to ensure the prompt response to the callers’ concerns. We have helped out Chinese citizens affected by the pandemic and distributed health kits to Chinese students studying here. We have actively carried out the work relating to Nucleic Acid Test Certificate to assist and facilitate local Chinese and Chinese students with their travel back to China.

My dear fellow Chinese, all dear friends,

We have always believed that a sound and steady development of China-Australia relations fully serves the fundamental interests of both sides, and will bring benefits to the two peoples. China and South Australia have highly complementary economies, a solid foundation for cooperation and robust people-to-people exchanges. The Chinese people in South Australia have played a prominent role in promoting the local economic development, social progress, multicultural prosperity, as well as the friendly contacts between the two countries. In the time of COVID-19, local Chinese have strictly abided by the relevant anti-pandemic rules, adopted personal precautionary measures, taken active actions to help each other, and made substantial contributions to South Australia’s outstanding work in containing the virus. They have well exemplified the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, projected a positive and dynamic image of the Chinese community, and won for themselves the praise and appreciation from the local society. Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all local Chinese who have cared about and supported China’s fight against COVID-19. And I expect you, together with our friends of all circles, to continue playing a positive part in expanding and deepening the mutually beneficial cooperation and friendly exchanges between our two sides across the board, and to inject more positive energy to the development of China-Australia relations.

As the gentle breeze and the bright moon bring us together, those mountains and sea between us are also carrying our beautiful feelings for each other. On this most auspicious occasion, let’s wish our mother country a thriving and prosperous future and its beloved people a contented life. And I wish everyone good health, all the best in your endeavours, and double happiness on China’s National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival!

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