Consul-General HE Lanjing Met with Administrators of Three Major Universities in South Australia for COVID-19 Issue

Recently, Chinese Consul-General in Adelaide HE Lanjing met respectively with Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President Pascale Quester and Pro Vice-Chancellor Jacqueline Lo of the University of Adelaide,  Chief Academic Services Officer for the University of South Australia Marie Wilson, Pro Vice-Chancellor Deborah West and International Engagement Director Matt Taverner of Flinders University, and exchanged views on the COVID-19 issue with them.


Consul-General HE briefed them on the situation of China’s combat against the COVID-19. She pointed out that since the outbreak, China has put people’s life and health first, fully leveraged the strengths of the Chinese system, and rallied the whole nation to fight the epidemic with the most comprehensive and rigorous measures. Such efforts have produced notable results and achieved a positive turn in the situation. China has full confidence to win this fight against the epidemic. It is hoped that the Australian side would assess the prevention and control measures taken by the Chinese government and the actual risk it is facing in an objective and rational manner, respect WHO’s professional recommendations, and lift the restrictions as early as possible. She also expected the universities to take a more active role in resolving the actual difficulties of the Chinese international students.

The universities spoke positively of the huge efforts of China in fighting the COVID-19. Now they have kept in touch with the Chinese students through various ways to learn their needs and problems. They are really looking forward to the early return of these students and to this end, will provide the necessary support and help to them, offer proper solutions to their difficulties, and maintain close contact with the Consulate-General.

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