Consul-General He Lanjing attended the Chinese Community Celebration for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

On 29th September, the SA Chinese Community Culture and Trade Promotion Association, together with more than 30 local Chinese organisations, held a grand celebration for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China at the Adelaide Convention Centre. About 1,100 guests including Ms. He Lanjing, Chinese Consul-General in Adelaide, Senator Simon Birmingham, Federal Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Mr. Steven Marshall, Premier of South Australia, Mr. Andrew McLachlan, President of the Legislative Council, Ms. Jing Lee, Assistant Minister to the Premier, Ms. Sandy Verschoor, Lord Mayor of Adelaide and local Chinese attended the celebration.

In her speech, Ms He sent her National Day congratulations and cordial greetings to local Chinese and Chinese students in South Australia and expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the Chinese communities and all the staff who worked so hard to make this thousand people event possible.

Ms. He said that after 70 years of tireless work under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people's living standards has improved substantially. They now have an ever stronger sense of happiness and fulfillment. China has accomplished a historic leap in the increase of its overall national strength and international influence, while at the same time made great contributions to the world’s peace, development and prosperity. 70 years ago, people called China closed-off and backward, poor and weak. 70 years later, people describe China as open and progressive, prosperous and ever-growing.

Ms. He said over the years, the Chinese people in Australia have worked diligently to build their own home, integrated actively into local society and always tried to give back more. With their tenacity, wisdom and talents, they have made substantial contributions to the economic development, social progress and multicultural prosperity of South Australia. Now they have grown into an important ethnic community with extraordinary vibrancy and won themselves respect and praise from various circles accordingly. As a natural bridge to foster mutual understanding and friendship between China and Australia, local Chinese have played a unique role in promoting friendly contacts between the two peoples. Looking to the future, the realisation of the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation requires joint efforts of us all, and the sound and steady development of China-Australia relationship calls for greater support of overseas Chinese. Let us work together to write a new chapter for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, contribute more to the friendly relations between China and Australia, and keep on striving toward a community with a shared future for mankind.

On behalf of the South Australian Government, Premier Marshall congratulated the People's Republic of China on its 70th anniversary and thanked local Chinese community for their great contributions to South Australia's development and prosperity.

Premier Marshall said his government has given high priority to strengthening cooperation with China since coming into office, and he has committed to visiting China at least once a year. He will be in China again next month to present South Australia to China, and to send messages that the State Government values and wants to continue growing its ties with China . He welcomes more Chinese visitors and international students to South Australia, and more Chinese companies to invest in South Australia. South Australia and China are great friends. We have a relationship that spans many decades and transcends trade and investment. It is a relationship that is based on mutual understanding and respect across our cultures, heritage, sport and international education platforms. The South Australian Government will work closely with the Chinese Consulate-General to actively cement this friendly relationship.

Mr. Peter Yang, Chairman of the SA Chinese Community Culture and Trade Promotion Association, said the success of today's event demonstrates the unity of Chinese community in South Australia. South Australia is the second home for local Chinese, and it is a privilege for them to have a Chinese Consulate-General in Adelaide. Only with a strong motherland standing behind can overseas Chinese live a better life.


The venue was decorated with a jubilant Chinese red. Local Chinese started the cultural performance with the song "I Love You China", followed by other wonderful programs like singing, dancing, musical instruments playing, and martial arts. Their performance received rounds of applause, making the evening permeated with warm and festive atmosphere.


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