Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks

In their recent remarks to media, National MP George Christensen and Liberal Senator Alex Antic blatantly made malicious slanders against China's endeavours to combat COVID-19. Their rhetoric is nothing but rubbish, simply parroting the false allegations of some China-bashing politicians in North America.

It is witnessed by all that since the outbreak, the Chinese government took the most comprehensive, thorough and rigorous prevention and control measures at the earliest time possible, which have been proven to be highly effective. Our efforts bought precious time for the world to prepare for the pandemic. Just as WHO puts it, China has taken the most courageous, most flexible and most active prevention and control measures, which altered the dangerous course of the virus' quick spread and prevented hundreds of thousands of infections nationwide. What has been done by China is widely acknowledged by the international community.

Staging political attacks against China in disregard of facts has fully exposed the few Australian politicians' bigotry, ignorance and sinophobia, which is despicable and shameful.

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