Voice of an Australian on the 4 Corners Program about Hong-Kong

On 2nd September 2019, the Embassy received a letter titled “The 4 corners program about Hong-Kong was totally biased”, written and sent by an Australian to the ABC and copied to the Embassy. The contents of the email are as follows:

The 4 corners program about Hong-Kong was totally biased.

The program about Hong-Kong was totally biased, ridiculously inaccurate and is helping the lawlessness in Hong-Kong that will damage the whole of the population of Hong-Kong and China our main economic partner.

You completely ignored that fact that U.S. Flags Everywhere during Hong Kong Protests.

What are you talking about is nonsense. You talk about defenceless protesters that throw Molotov Cocktails to the police – that is not defenceless protesters, they are violent individuals, they are the same kind of protesters protesting against the Nationalistic government of Venezuela and who also use Molotov Cocktails against the police and their pro-USA opponents.

What would happen to any protester that uses lasers and / or Molotov cocktails against the police in Sydney or Melbourne ???

What will happen to that protester in Australia carrying a Chinese flag and trowing bombs and using lasers against the police ??

And you call rioters using lasers that could leave the policeman / woman BLIND peaceful and inoffensive protest – You are a complete liar !!!

By promoting this behaviour you are as criminal as they are. !!

You are on the wrong side ! You are on the side of the Brutish Empire and Trump !

The British want to regain control of Hong Kong and you are helping them !

I am totally disappointed of you taking the side of the Brutish Empire and Trump.

Source: Website of Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Commonwealth of Australia

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