Remarks by Chinese Consul-General in Adelaide HE Lanjing at the Promotion Conference of the 2nd China International Import Expo and Picture Exhibition of China`s Reform and Opening Up in 40 Years
(20 March 2019, Adelaide Hilton)

The Hon. David Ridgway MLC, Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

Good morning!

Welcome to the second China International Import Expo Promotion Conference and the Photo Exhibition Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of China's Reform and Opening-up. On behalf of the Chinese Consulate-General in Adelaide, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Department of Trade, Tourism and Investment of South Australia, the Adelaide Branch of China Chamber of Commerce in Australia, and the South Australia Branch of Australia China Business Council for their strong support for this event.

As you can see from the pictures of the exhibition, China's reform and opening-up has gone through a glorious journey of 40 years, which has not only profoundly changed the country but also profoundly influenced the world. President Xi Jinping pointed out that the reform and opening-up is a great revolution in the history of development of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. The Chinese nation has achieved a quantum leap from standing up, growing rich to becoming strong. The Chinese people have achieved a quantum leap from the days of scarcity to a life of moderate prosperity. The reform and opening-up is also a great process that has seen China and the world achieve development and progress together. Over the last 40 years, the Chinese people have embraced the world with open arms and actively contributed our share to the world. Today, China has grown into the world's second largest economy, contributing over 30% of global growth for many years. China cannot develop itself in isolation from the world, and the world needs China for global prosperity. China will unswervingly push forward the reform and opening-up at a higher level to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Hosting the International Import Expo is an important decision made by China to pursue a new round of high-level opening-up and is a major initiative taken by China to widen market access to the rest of the world. It is the world's first import-themed national-level expo and an innovation in the history of global trade. It demonstrates China's consistent position of supporting the multilateral trading system and promoting free trade. It is a concrete action by China to advance an open world economy and support economic globalization.

The first China International Import Expo under the theme of "New Era, Shared Future" was successfully held in Shanghai from 5th to 10th November last year. President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech entitled "Work Together for an Open Global Economy that is Innovative and Inclusive" at the opening ceremony and expounded on China's policy propositions and practical initiatives for expanding opening-up and cooperation with other countries. President Xi stressed that economic globalization is an irreversible trend of history. China will unswervingly follow a win-win strategy of opening-up, adopt high-quality policies to advance trade and investment liberalization and facilitation. Friends from all countries are welcomed to seize opportunities created by China's development in the new era to deepen international business cooperation for shared prosperity and progress. The first Expo attracted great attention both at home and abroad. 172 countries, regions and international organizations from five continents with 3617 foreign exhibitors participated in the Expo. More than 800,000 people entered the venue to negotiate procurement contracts and visit to experience for themselves. It concluded with deals worth about 57.8 billion US dollars. And nearly 4,000 Chinese and foreign journalists attended to report.

China is a huge market of over 1.3 billion people and its middle-income population has already hit 300 million. Now China's economy has been transitioning from a phase of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development. The adjustment of economic structure has accelerated while the demand for high-quality and featured products and services is growing stronger. There exists enormous potential for the growth of consumption and import. In the next 15 years, China's imports of goods and services are expected to exceed 30 trillion US dollars and 10 trillion US dollars respectively. It will not only provide a stable engine for global growth but also historic opportunities for enterprises across the world to enter the Chinese market. China International Import Expo features openness and diversity. It allows the world to share China's enormous market opportunities, builds a common platform for countries to cooperate with each other and provides an international public product for economic globalization. The Expo, an annual event, will be even bigger and better in the years to come.

The second China International Import Expo will take place in Shanghai from 5th to 10th November this year. It aims at larger scale, better quality, greater innovation, higher level and more productive results. Now the preparations have been well underway. The second Expo will invite more first-class Chinese enterprises and assist exhibitors and buyers in striking intentional deals to expand trade and explore the Chinese market. And improved functions, more platforms and better services will be provided for new product launches. It warmly welcomes media outlets worldwide to report the event deeply and comprehensively and help the featured products of all countries to gain more popularity. The Enterprise and Business Exhibition this year comprises 5 sections and 7 exhibition areas, among which Quality Life, Food and Agricultural Products, as well as Medical Equipment and Health Care Products are especially popular. More than 500 companies from over 40 countries and regions have confirmed participation in the second Expo, including over 70 Fortune Global 500 firms and leading enterprises in various industries. About 80 percent of these confirmed participants are first Expo exhibitors and they all expand their exhibition area this year.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

Both China and Australia are important countries in the Asia Pacific region. We enjoy highly complementary economies and huge potential for cooperation. In recent years, the practical cooperation between China and South Australia in economic and trade has maintained a good momentum. China has remained the largest trading partner, largest export destination, largest source of imports and the top market for international students for South Australia for many consecutive years. Last week, a delegation of China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce visited South Australia and a total of 38 million AU dollars wine purchase contracts were signed in just three days. So you can tell how tremendous potential we hold for cooperation.

Last year, Minister Ridgway headed a delegation of 23 local companies to the first Expo, making South Australia rank fourth among all Australian States and Territories in the number of participating enterprises. They achieved fruitful results with signed deals valued at 240 million US dollars. It is hoped that more South Australian enterprises will get to know and better understand China International Import Expo. We also welcome more South Australian enterprises to showcase their high-quality, featured and competitive products, technologies and services at the Expo to further tap into the Chinese market and share the benefits of China's economic development. At the same time, bring more and better choices to the Chinese consumers. The Consulate-General will work closely with the South Australian Government and relevant parties to provide necessary assistance and support to South Australian enterprises for participating in the Expo.

Thank you!

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