Acting Consul-General Yuncai Mei attends the anniversary of celebration of the Hubei Association of South Australia

On October 28th, Acting Consul-General Yuncai Mei was invited to attend the anniversary celebration of the Hubei Association of South Australia and the establishment of the SA Branch of Australian Hubei Chamber of Commerce. Assistant Minister to the Premier Jing Lee and representatives of local Chinese communities also attended.


Mr. Mei congratulated the Association and appreciated its active work since founding. He said the Association, growing to nearly 300 members now, has brought local Chinese together by holding rich and colourful events and made positive contributions to the development of the Chinese community in South Australia. He encouraged its members to contribute more to Hubei's further reform and opening-up and hoped that the SA Hubei Association would work with other local Chinese communities to utilise their advantages and write a new chapter for the mutual understanding and friendship between China and South Australia.

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